December 6, 2020

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This course explains what IoT is all about to help you create your own web-connected items

This course explains what IoT is all about to help you create your own web-connected items

The term ‘Internet of Things’ still mystifies many, but the foundational idea is fairly simple. IoT basically covers all the objects in the world that are connected to the web. Using embedded sensors, these devices are collecting and exchanging data, often with little to no direct human interaction. Read the rest

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Date: 2020-12-06


A Project Runway contestant named Kovid created a “sick” mask in 2019 (2020-11-30) Project Runways Season 17 had a contestant who made a Head to Toe look which included a matching mask The hosts praised it as sick And of course his name was Kovid Kapoor 2019 Project Runway had a contestant named Kovid who made a facial mask to go with his runway look! Read the rest
UK Prime Minister’s creepy top advisor suddenly quits (2020-11-13) Dominic Cummings the chief political aide of Prime Minister Boris Johnson is leaving his post with immediate effect reports the BBC The move comes after days of intrigue and backstabbing at Number 10 which also saw the departure of a top Cummings ally Read the rest
How Disney is screwing the author of numerous best-selling movie novelizations (2020-11-23) When Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012 and 20th Century Fox in 2019 it also acquired a ton of content That content had to have been created at some point a process which typically involves human beings and contracts But apparently Disney has neglected to honor those contracts at least in the case of Alan Dean Foster Read the rest
Trump Jr. calls for “total war” over election (2020-11-05) With Joe Biden ahead in Electoral College and outstanding ballots thought to favor himand the first round of lawsuits to stop the count going nowherePresident Trumps surrogates are becoming agitated None however have called for total war over the election as Donald Trump Jr Read the rest
Captain John J. Sheridan’s thoughts on the election: “We have come home!” (2020-11-08) Captain Sheridan Babylon 5 Endgame This is not the voice of treason These are your sons your daughters whose loyalties have never wavered whose beliefs in this Alliance has forced us to take extraordinary means For justice for peace for the futurewe have come home! Read the rest
Lip-reading game becomes hilarious with magnified mouths (2020-12-04) A board game where you compete to read someones lips is an intriguing idea But the real fun of Mega Mouth is that you hold a magnifying sheet over your mouth when you mouth the words! While your bigger-than-life mouth may make your lips easier to read it also adds a level of difficulty because youre laughing at how it looks Read the rest
Quadriplegic gymnast fights for others with tea (2020-11-27) A rising star on the Canadian gymnastic Olympic team Taylor Lindsay-Noel suffered a horrifying training accident that paralyzed her from the neck down in 2008 She was 14 at the time Taylor Lindsay-Noel in an interview with The Star: I was getting to re-write my narrative divorcing an identity only a lot earlier Read the rest
Profane 1960s used car commercial (2020-11-04) There were parody used-car dealer ads long before the legendary Big Bill Hells Heres Kris Trexler on this one from the 1960s: This gag commercial never aired of course The pitchman was well known in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1960s-70s Read the rest
Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye drips down head during press conference (2020-11-19) At another bizarre press conference today Rudy Giuliani elaborated on election conspiracy theories as onlookers watched unrinsed hair dye trickle down the sides of his face Leaking from both ears quipped Rex Chapman Rudy leaking from both ears pictwittercom/MJCp5s8sV7 Rex Chapman @RexChapman November 19 2020 It appears that Rudy Giuliani is sweating through his hair dye Read the rest
Become a student of any language with a lifetime of Babbel language training at 50% off (2020-11-19) Learning a new language is almost like doing a trust fall You have to have confidence that youve chosen a sound respected effective system for acquiring the knowledge you seek Babbel Language Learning has the stats and testimonials to help put that concern at ease Read the rest