December 1, 2020

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New testing system could become the IoT of photovoltaics

New testing system could become the IoT of photovoltaics

A new testing system measures system voltage as a function of light intensity in outdoor setting, enabling real-time performance measurement and diagnostics.

Date: 2020-12-04


Blue whales return to sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia after near local extinction (2020-11-19) Scientists have revealed the return of critically endangered Antarctic blue whales to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia 50 years after whaling all but wiped them out The new study follows recent research that humpback whales are also returning to the region
Plastics and rising CO2 levels could pose combined threat to marine environment (2020-11-06) Scientists found that after three weeks of being submerged in the ocean the bacterial diversity on plastic bottles was twice as great as on samples collected from the surrounding seawater
Cysteine synthesis was a key step in the origin of life (2020-11-12) All proteins are built from the same 20 amino acids One of these cysteine was assumed not to have been present at the origin of life In a new study scientists have recreated how cysteine was formed at the origins of life Additionally they have observed how once formed cysteine catalyses the fusion of peptides in water - a fundamental step in the path towards protein enzymes
Basketball on the brain: Neuroscientists use sports to study surprise (2020-11-25) Neuroscientists tracked the brains and pupils of self-described basketball fans as they watched March Madness games to study how people process surprise – an unexpected change of circumstances that shifts an anticipated outcome They found that that shifts in the pattern of activity in high-level brain areas only happened at moments that contradicted the watchers current beliefs about which team w..
High temperatures threaten the survival of insects (2020-11-10) Insects have difficulties handling the higher temperatures brought on by climate change and might risk overheating The ability to reproduce is also strongly affected by rising temperatures even in northern areas of the world according to a new study
No nanoparticle risks to humans found in field tests of spray sunscreens (2020-12-02) People can continue using mineral-based aerosol sunscreens without fear of exposure to dangerous levels of nanoparticles or other respirable particulates according to new research
Circular RNA regulates neuronal differentiation by scaffolding an inhibitory transcription complex (2020-11-13) In a screening for a functional impact to the neuronal differentiation process researchers identified a specific circular RNA circZNF827 which surprisingly taps the brake on neurogenesis The results provide an interesting example of co-evolution of a circRNA and its host-encoded protein product that regulate each others function to directly impact the fundamental process of neurogenesis
Proving viability of injection-free microneedle for single-administration of vaccines (2020-11-23) A single-use self-administered microneedle technology to provide immunization against infectious diseases has recently been validated by preclinical research trials
Researchers pioneer more effective way to block malaria transmission in mosquitoes (2020-11-03) Employing a strategy known as population modification which involves using a CRISPR-Cas9 gene drive system to introduce genes preventing parasite transmission into mosquito chromosomes researchers have made a major advance in the use of genetic technologies to control the transmission of malaria parasites
New method sees fibers in 3D, uses it to estimate conductivity (2020-12-01) Designing a vehicle that can drive away the heat that is generated around it when traveling at hypersonic speeds requires an understanding of the thermal properties of the materials used to construct it A recent study developed a method to create 3D models of the fibers within composite materials then used that information to predict the thermal conductivity of the material