November 29, 2020

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Kajeet Receives 2020 IoT Platforms Leadership Award from IoT Evolution

Kajeet Receives 2020 IoT Platforms Leadership Award from IoT Evolution

Kajeet is recognized for enabling the mass proliferation of IoT devices, networks and services through its robust IoT management platform, Sentinel.(PRWeb December 03, 2020)Read the full story at

Date: 2020-12-03


Global AI-based Learning Market in a Boom Phase: Free Webinar (2020-11-23) On Tuesday December 2nd Sam S Adkins Chief Researcher at Metaari Will Present Key Findings from Metaaris New Worldwide AI-based Learning ReportPRWeb November 23 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/global_ai_based_learning_market_in_a_boom_phase_free_webinar/prweb17565162htm
Silanna Semiconductor Delivers Highest Power Efficiency and Greatest… (2020-12-03) All Silicon 65W USB-PD Reference Design with 94% EfficiencyPRWeb December 03 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/silanna_semiconductor_delivers_highest_power_efficiency_and_greatest_power_density_65w_usb_pd_charger_design_at_reduced_bom_costs/prweb17565680htm
Graylog Announces 4.0 Release of its Log Management Platform (2020-11-16) Adds customer-driven enhancements to Open Source Enterprise and Illuminate products; Introduces SSPL to protect the Open Source communityPRWeb November 16 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/graylog_announces_4_0_release_of_its_log_management_platform/prweb17544095htm
MAC ezPaycheck 2020 Payroll Software Has Just Updated With 2020 W2… (2020-11-20) Latest MAC ezPaycheck 2020 business payroll software has just been updated with the 2020 W2 and W3 forms for new and current 2020 ezPaycheck customers Get the details and trial version atPRWeb November 20 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/mac_ezpaycheck_2020_payroll_software_has_just_updated_with_2020_w2_w3_forms/prweb17539475htm
SOUTHWORKS Achieves Three New Microsoft Gold Competencies in… (2020-11-04) SOUTHWORKS a global systems integrator and remote software development firm announced that it has achieved Microsoft Partner Network Gold Competencies in three new areas: Application DevelopmentPRWeb November 04 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/2020/11/prweb17515329htm
DesignRush Names the Top Healthcare Software Development Companies of… (2020-11-11) The healthcare enterprise software market is expected to grow to over $76 billion by 2025 As more medical institutions look to modernize their software capabilities DesignRush identified the leadingPRWeb November 11 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/designrush_names_the_top_healthcare_software_development_companies_of_2020/prweb17536381htm
MaintenX International is Ready to Assist Retailers On and Before… (2020-11-23) Maintenance emergencies dont stop just because its Black Friday so MaintenX International wants to help facility managers to prepare for success on the busy shopping holidayPRWeb November 23 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/maintenx_international_is_ready_to_assist_retailers_on_and_before_black_friday/prweb17564901htm
Illuminated Gateway Arches Welcome Visitors to Downtown Las Vegas (2020-11-24) Conceived and designed by Selbert Perkins Design the 80-feet-tall illuminated Gateway Arches bring a new landmark to downtown Las VegasPRWeb November 24 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/illuminated_gateway_arches_welcome_visitors_to_downtown_las_vegas/prweb17565110htm
Nirmata’s Kubernetes-native Policy Engine, Kyverno joins the CNCF as a… (2020-11-17) Donation demonstrates Nirmatas continued commitment to accelerating the enterprise adoption of cloud-native technologiesPRWeb November 17 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/nirmatas_kubernetes_native_policy_engine_kyverno_joins_the_cncf_as_a_sandbox_project/prweb17546797htm Nirmata’s Kubernetes-native Policy Engine, Kyverno joins the CNCF as a…
Omplix Trading Platform Selects Its Top 5 Altcoins for 2020 (2020-11-22) Omplix provides a service that offers our community of crypto enthusiasts advanced technology and an intuitive interface giving them diverse opportunities to expand their crypto expertisePRWeb November 22 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/omplix_trading_platform_selects_its_top_5_altcoins_for_2020/prweb17560345htm