December 1, 2020

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This tiny powerhouse computer can also fuel your IoT projects for under $180

This tiny powerhouse computer can also fuel your IoT projects for under $180

Sure, there used to just be Cyber Monday full stop. But that day of digital-only holiday shopping deals has bloated into an honest-to-goodness Cyber Week. And considering that’s all good news for consumers, we’re guessing you’re pretty OK with it. Read the rest

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Date: 2020-12-04


Gorgeous Rangoli peacock sand art (2020-11-17) Jyoti Rathod demonstrates the beautiful tradition of rangoli created here for the springtime festival of Gudi Padwa Heres a lovely floral design with candles Image: YouTube / Rangoli by jyoti Rathod
UK company “> LTD” told to change its name (2020-11-09) A British company named SCRIPT SRC=HTTPS://MJTXSSHTLTD was ordered to change its name after regulators realized what was funny about it: it is a snippet of malicious HTML code that exploits poorly-designed software Such as the software used by Companies House the UKs register of corporations Read the rest
What would happen if a bacterium were whale-sized? (2020-11-16) One of the most important factors in determining how an organism exists is its size For instance a bacterium works great at microscopic size but a whale-sized bacterium would quickly die because the ratio of surface area to volume would not work for the oxygen diffusion necessary for maintaining life Read the rest
When depressed people are rewarded, their pupils don’t dilate as much as non-depressed people’s (2020-12-02) When something exciting happens to a person like winning money their pupils dilate Researchers found that acutely depressed peoples pupils dilate less than non-depressed peoples pupils From Bionity: Study participants at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry MPI played a simple game while in the magnetic resonance imaging MRI scanner where they could win a small amount of money Read the rest
Microsoft releases Windows 95 ugly Christmas sweater (2020-12-04) Microsoft has released a line of ugly Christmas sweaters with retro Windows themes Along with Windows 95 graphics there are also Windows XP and MS Paint designs Microsoft says that for every sweater purchase they will donate $20 to Girls Who Code with a minimum donation promised of $50000 Read the rest
Barack Obama asked about UFOs: can’t confirm but won’t deny (2020-12-04) It used to be that UFOs and Roswell was the biggest conspiracy President Obama told Stephen Colbert And now that seems so tame the idea that the government might have an alien spaceship
Child helps mom repair a cleft lip via Play-Doh surgery (2020-11-23) YouTuber The Breakfasteur creates Play-Doh anatomical models then performs surgery on them with the help of her adorable child Bonus video: This C-section delivery of a healthy baby Spider-Man is impressive in its detail: Our little guy just had a birthday the big 4! Read the rest
Adam Jones from Tool’s gorgeous short film announcing his custom guitar (2020-11-18) Tools Adam Jones directed and composed the music for The Witness a short film announcing his 1979 Les Paul Custom guitar Accompanying Jones on the gorgeous expansive score are Tool bandmates Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor Along with being a guitar virtuoso duh Jones is a hyper-talented visual artist film director and veteran special effects designer Read the rest
Brits mask up irrespective of political affiliation (2020-11-18) In the US mask-wearing is completely politicized with Trump spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany describing it as Orwellian as his supporters die of Covid while insisting they dont have it In the UK though there is no corresponding political divide with supporters of the Labour Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties all willing to mask up according to a new study Read the rest
Woz’s Apple rainbow logo eyeglasses (and an Apple I) up for auction (2020-11-30) Around 1979 I had an optometrist in Palo Alto custom make 30 pairs of these glasses with lenses in the shape and rainbow colors of the original Apple logo says Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak It was a project just for fun Read the rest