December 3, 2020

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New testing system could become the IoT of photovoltaics

New testing system could become the IoT of photovoltaics

New Suns Voc testing measures system voltage as a function of light intensity in outdoor setting, enabling real-time performance measurement and diagnostics

Date: 2020-12-04


Chemical derived from car tires turns streams toxic, kills coho salmon (2020-12-03) For Pacific Northwest coho salmon returning to spawn in the streams and creeks near urban areas can be a death sentence thanks to a ubiquitous additive in vehicle tires a new study reveals
Virus that causes COVID-19 puts a plug in cellular defenses (2020-11-05) One of the novel coronavirus most insidious tricks is that it can block the ability of cells to produce protective proteins without hindering its own ability to replicate A new Yale study reveals how it does it
Machine learning uncovers missing info about ethnicity in population health data: Study (2020-11-18) Machine learning can be used to fill a significant gap in Canadian public health data related to ethnicity and Aboriginal status according to research published in PLOS ONE by a University of Alberta research epidemiologist
Octapharma USA presents bleeding disorders research at virtual ASH annual meeting (2020-12-01) Octapharma USA will present its most recent rare bleeding disorders research initiatives during the 62nd American Society of Hematology ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition a virtual medical congress to be held December 5 - 8
Breaking the power and speed limit of lasers (2020-11-19) Researchers at the George Washington University have developed a new design of vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser VCSEL that demonstrates record-fast temporal bandwidth
Breakthrough in studying the enzyme that ultimately produces fish odour syndrome (2020-11-23) Fish odour syndrome trimethylaminuria is a debilitating disease in which the liver cannot break down the smelly chemical trimethylamine which is produced by enzymes from bacteria residing in the gut leaving people with a fish like odour Researchers from the University of Warwick are paving the way to prevent the syndrome after a breakthrough in studying the enzyme in the gut which produces trimeth..
Personality changes predict early career outcomes (2020-12-02) A new study by a University of Houston psychologist may hold the key to job success It finds young people who develop higher levels of conscientiousness and emotional stability during the transition to employment tend to be more successful in some aspects of their early careers
Envision color: Activity patterns in the brain are specific to the color you see (2020-11-16) Researchers at the National Eye Institute NEI have decoded brain maps of human color perception The findings published today in Current Biology open a window into how color processing is organized in the brain and how the brain recognizes and groups colors in the environment The study may have implications for the development of machine-brain interfaces for visual prosthetics NEI is part of the Na..
A biomimetic membrane for desalinating seawater on an industrial scale (2020-11-09) Reverse osmosis is one of the most widely used techniques for the desalination of water Some of the membranes currently used are artificial channels of water inserted into lipid layers But their large-scale performance is not satisfactory An international team has developed a hybrid strategy which consists of combining a polyamide matrix and artificial water channels into a single structure Their ..
Blue phosphorus: How a semiconductor becomes a metal (2020-11-05) Blue phosphorus an atomically thin synthetic semiconductor becomes metallic as soon as it is converted into a double layer This has been discovered by an interdisciplinary team led by Prof Thomas Heine from TU Dresden and Prof Gabriel Merino from the Mexican research institute Cinvestav Merida The scientists are first to describe the possibility of constructing nanoscale highly efficient transisto..