October 15, 2020

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The role of drones in 5G network security

The role of drones in 5G network security

A study by Giovanni Geraci, a researcher at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies, and researchers at Mississippi State University (USA), which aims to improve the security of advanced wireless networks against a series of eavesdropping, interference and identity theft.

Date: 2020-11-18

URL: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-11/upf--tro111820.php


Childhood lead exposure leads to structural changes in middle-aged brains (2020-11-17) More than three decades after they were found to have elevated blood lead levels as children a group of middle-aged adults were found to have some small but significant changes in brain structure that corresponded to their dose of lead exposure in early life MRI scans at age 45 revealed some small but significant changes in the brains of the people who had higher lead exposures measured at age 11
Comprehensive safety testing of COVID-19 vaccines based on experience with prior vaccines (2020-11-17) The urgent need for COVID-19 vaccines must be balanced with the imperative of ensuring safety and public confidence in vaccines by following the established clinical safety testing protocols throughout vaccine development including both pre- and post-deployment write David M Knipe and colleagues in this Perspective
The Lancet: Phase 2 trial of Oxford COVID-19 vaccine in healthy older adults finds it is safe and provokes immune response (2020-11-19) The UKs vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 shows similar safety and immunogenicity results in healthy older adults aged 56 years and over to those seen in adults aged 18-55 years The promising early stage results are published in The Lancet
A novel drug target for neonatal and infant heart failure (2020-11-19) Researchers have identified a new druggable target for heart failure in neonates and infants Approximately 60 percent of children born with congenital heart abnormalities will develop overt heart failure within the first year of life The progression of heart failure in these infants is often rapid with a high frequency of fatalities Stimulation of this target significantly increased the cardiac co..
Two motivational artificial beings are better than one for enhancing learning (2020-11-05) Researchers from the University of Tsukuba have found that offline consolidation of a motor task was enhanced by praise delivered by robots whether they were presented on a screen or were physically present Further simultaneous praise from two agents had a stronger effect than praise from just one regardless of whether the agents were physically present or virtual Such effects could be helpful for..
New report projects severe coral bleaching globally in this century (2020-11-20) MIAMI–The United Nations recently released a new report projecting future coral reef bleaching globally The lead author of the report Ruben van Hooidonk is a scientist with NOAAs Cooperative Institute of Marine and Atmospheric Studies based at the University of Miami UM Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
A material that “bruises"like the skin? (2020-11-04) Human skin bruises when the tissue and muscle in the area suffer trauma or become damaged due to an application of blunt force when an object suffers an impact that is expected to damage If the areas damaged by a physical impact undergo a change in color just like human skin it will be easy to distinguish what needs to be repaired
Sociologists dispel the ‘bad apple’ excuse for racialized policing (2020-11-11) According to a study by University of Miami sociologists published in the American Sociological Associations Contexts magazine almost one of five police officers exhibit high levels of implicit or unconscious pro-white/anti-Black bias and roughly one of eight officers exhibit high levels of explicit or conscious pro-white bias
Mother’s touch lingers in her child’s genes (2020-11-23) Mothers leave their mark on their children in many ways - and Melbourne researchers have discovered a protein called SMCHD1 is involved in this imprinting processSMCHD1 switches certain genes off altering how a cell behaves The new research has revealed that when an egg cell or oocyte is fertilised by a sperm the egg cells SMCHD1 lingers within the developing embryo switching off at least 10 diffe..
Breast cancer discovery could help stop disease’s deadly spread (2020-11-20) Researchers have identified a gene responsible for the spread of triple-negative breast cancer to other parts of the body and developed a potential way to stop it