July 30, 2020

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How the 5G iPhone kicked off the latest carrier wars

How the 5G iPhone kicked off the latest carrier wars

Mobile carriers in the United States have spent tens of billions of dollars in a race to build out their 5G networks. Now, they’re eager to get consumers using — and paying for — the new wireless network technology.

Date: 2020-11-10

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NASA chief Jim Bridenstine won’t stay on under new president (2020-11-10)
US government won’t extend the deadline for a TikTok deal, but negotiations continue (2020-12-04) The US government will not extend the Dec 4 deadline for TikToks Chinese parent to sell off the social media app but it will also decline to enforce the executive order requiring the sale according to a person familiar with the matter
New ‘Assassin’s Creed’ and ‘Call of Duty’ games are predicted to sell millions (2020-11-15) Its been a busy week in video games as the long-awaited next-gen consoles from Xbox and PlayStation made their way to peoples homes While many gamers reported problems getting consoles before websites sold out of them the lucky few who managed buy a console may be looking for new games to try
Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson wants to be the first ‘space billionaire’ to actually travel to space (2020-11-06) Richard Branson the thrill-seeking British billionaire founded Virgin Galactic in 2004 on the promise that a privately developed spacecraft would make it possible for hundreds of people to become astronauts no NASA training required And if a 2500-mile-per-hour ride to the edge of space sounded off-putting Branson also pledged to take the journey himself before letting paying customers on board
Biden campaign blames Facebook for $500,000 in lost fundraising (2020-10-29) Democratic nominee Joe Bidens campaign said Thursday it had lost out on more than $500000 in potential campaign donations this week and blamed Facebook after issues with the social medias advertising systems had prevented the campaign from running some ads soliciting donations
Yes, people are still using ‘123456’ and ‘password’ as their password (2020-11-19) When it comes to updating passwords we are creatures of habit – and change is hard
Video alleging possible vote-counting fraud in Detroit is actually a journalist pulling a wagon with camera equipment (2020-11-05) Detroit officials are debunking a video that falsely implies election fraud occurred when a man pulled a red wagon containing a box into a vote-counting center early Wednesday
Virgin Galactic delays key test flight after pandemic causes shutdowns (2020-11-16) Virgin Galactic said Monday that it no longer plans to conduct a key test flight of its spacecraft this week because of a surge in new Covid-19 cases and resulting related restrictions in New Mexico home to the companys glitzy spaceport
Apple brings back John Hodgman’s hapless “PC” to troll new Mac features (2020-11-10) Apples One More Thing event revolved around the Mac and Apples in-house chips But it also included a blast from the past with a cameo by John Hodgman who reprised his Im a PC persona from the mid-2000s TV commercials
Hong Kong just lost a splashy tech conference to Kuala Lumpur (2020-12-03) Hong Kong has lost a marquee tech conference to Kuala Lumpur raising new questions about the Chinese territorys ability to retain its status as Asias premier global business hub in the wake of recent political upheaval