September 18, 2020

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Enhancing the performance of future 5G cellular networks

Enhancing the performance of future 5G cellular networks

Society relies heavily on wireless communication. Many individuals have access to at least one mobile phone; in fact, there are more mobile phones in use than the current population of the planet. Within five years, predictions suggest that there will be more than four billion additional devices connected to cellular networks. As a result, data traffic will grow, leading to congestion of the curre

nt 4G network. To mitigate this issue, the world is turning to fifth generation (5G) mobile communications, but this will require a significant change to the antenna system. Electrical engineer and Ph.D.-candidate Teun van den Biggelaar has developed an antenna system based on a phased array approach that allows for reliable communication over a 5G network. Teun received his Ph.D. cum laude on November 11th at TU/e.

Date: 2020-11-12


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