December 4, 2020

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Somehow 5G Paranoia Is Only Getting Dumber

Somehow 5G Paranoia Is Only Getting Dumber

We’ve made it repeatedly clear that 5G now exists in some kind of alternate reality, untethered from this complicated mortal plane. One one side, you’ve got telecom giants, hardware vendors, and some politicians busy pretending that 5G is a revolutionary game changer, something you just sprinkle around to create near Utopian smart cities, smart vehicles, and miracle cancer cures. On the other side

, you’ve got an international cabal of conspiracy theorists with a head full of pudding, who think 5G gives them COVID or is a diabolical deep state, mind-surveillance tool.

Of course 5G is neither of those things. It’s a pretty modest evolution for existing wireless standards. One that’s technically less dangerous than existing cellular networks, according to actual experts. And while it will offer faster speeds eventually, U.S. implementation of 5G is spotty and slow (in some cases slower than 4G), resulting in some fairly underwhelming first impressions. It’s worth neither the hype nor the fear expended on it so far.

That’s not stopping the 5G conspiracy theorists. Earlier this year, folks began burning down 5G cell towers and even hiding razor blades on utility polls in the mistaken belief that 5G spreads COVID, controls minds, or is part of a new diabolical surveillance effort by the “deep state.” (If you think any of these claims are true, your head has been filled with gibberish by charlatans and you need a time out).

More recently, scammers selling micro faraday cages for your router have popped up to target the gullible, promising to block the harmful impact of 5G. The products themselves are hysterical in their innate stupidity, actively blocking all wireless signals emitting from wireless routers, at prices that make no coherent sense:

So apparently putting Faraday cages around routers has become a thing for the 5g conspiracy nuts and there are companies out there ready to cash in.

My sides are in orbit.

🦇Ansgar Odinson🦇 (@AnsgarTOdinson) December 2, 2020

Judging from the overwhelmingly positive Amazon reviews, folks really don’t seem to understand they’d be better off just, you know, not buying a wireless router and settling for a traditional (and much cheaper) fixed line router:

Someone on Amazon is making money off 5G conspiracy theorists by selling a $90 EMF blocker for WiFi routers. The best part is the reviews complaining that it reduced their WiFi signal 🤣

MalwareTech (@MalwareTechBlog) November 30, 2020

Again, 5G exists in this really kind of amazing alternative reality where it’s either some amazing technological revolution that’s going to change everything, or it’s part of some diabolical plot to kill or monitor people who watch too much YouTube. The reality, that 5G is a semi-important but kind of dull evolution of existing technology, rarely makes an appearance.

Author: Karl Bode

Date: 2020-12-04


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