December 6, 2020

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After Math: Google gets faster and TikTok gets longer

After Math: Google gets faster and TikTok gets longer

It’s that magical time of year again! Thanksgiving is now behind us and those folks who travelled to see family during the holiday haven’t gotten their positive COVID tests back yet, so everything still seems rosy. Now, before spending the second half of December short of breath, check out some of this week’s top headlines. Engadget Google rolls out 2Gbps fiber service in Huntsville and Nashville

Economies of scale are a beautiful thing. As Google’s fiber optic internet service continues to grow, the per month cost to users continues to shrink. These days, a blazing fast 1Gbps connection costs as much as a Hulu Live subscription and, for folks in a pair of Tennessee metros, doubling that speed will only set you back $100 a month. Sure, you’ll have to trim a few streaming subscriptions to fit it into your budget, but the services that are left will run faster and smoother than pretty much anywhere else in the country. Warner Bros. All Warner Bros. films in 2021 will debut on HBO MaxThat excess internet speed is going to come in handy next year because many of the most anticipated films — including the Dune reboot, Matrix 4, and Godzilla vs. Kong — are going to be streaming the same day that hit theaters. They’ll be available on HBO Max, same way we’re all watching Wonder Woman 1984 in December. And given their blockbuster statuses, you’ll want as fast a connection as you can get to avoid buffering during the good parts. Mike Blake / reuters TikTok is experimenting with longer-form, three-minute videosAnd thus, Tiktok begins its perilous journey down the slippery slope of becoming a YouTube clone. Flavio Lo Scalzo / reuters Maserati says all of its cars will be hybrid or fully electric in five yearsYou know the electrification trend in the automotive industry is accelerating when luxury supercar manufacturers are scrambling to get in on it. This week vaunted car maker Maserati announced that it will transition its entire lineup to BEVs or at least hybrids within the next five years. Even more impressive, Hyundai revealed its new EV platform this week and has plans to build nearly two dozen new electric models off of it. SGN Scottish homes will use 100-percent green hydrogen in world firstIn further good green news, Scotland is set to begin the world’s first trial to replace natural gas with “green hydrogen” to for cooking and heating. Some 300 homes homes will participate in the $24 million pilot program. Should it prove successful and expand to the rest of the country, it will do a great deal in helping the UK achieve its zero carbon by 2050 goals.

Author: Andrew Tarantola

Date: 2020-12-06


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