December 6, 2020

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Google Fi users get bill credit for ditching their old non-VoLTE phones

Google Fi users get bill credit for ditching their old non-VoLTE phones

If youre a Google Fi customer and youre still using an older phone that doesnt support voice over LTE (VoLTE), youll soon have to upgrade or risk losing cellular service. To encourage its customers to upgrade from their old devices, Google Fi is now offering a bill credit to subscribers who have a non-VoLTE handset active on the network. Theres Continue reading

Author: Brittany A. Roston

Date: 2020-12-05


Hulu Watch Party switches on for all – Here’s how to use it (2020-12-03) As the socially-distanced holidays approach Hulu has rolled out its Hulu Watch Party system to all on-demand subscribers Previewed earlier in the year Watch Party replicates the shared viewing experience but without demanding you share your popcorn or your infections with up to 8 people in different places Trialed back in May Watch Party basically takes the hassle Continue reading
Chrome for Mac gets a special version optimized for Apple Silicon [Update] (2020-11-18) If you plan to own a Mac featuring Apples own hardware or youve already bought one and youre a Google Chrome user then we have good news: a new optimized version of the browser has just been released for Macs featuring the M1 chip The new version was launched quietly by Google and recently spied by some Mac users Continue reading
2022 Acura MDX reveal date confirmed – What to expect (2020-12-01) Acura is on a roll right now with the unexpectedly-capable 2021 TLX under its belt and now we know when the next big launch the 2022 Acura MDX is taking place The automakers three-row SUV is already one of its most important vehicles but with this fourth-generation update its set to double-down on the concept of pairing rewarding dynamics with Continue reading
Google Verse by Verse tool helps the public create poems like pros (2020-11-25) Google has another experimental tool that anyone can access and its called Verse by Verse The new tool enables anyone to generate poems in the style of famous poets with the help of artificial intelligence Verse by Verse involves input from both human and machine to make the final poem one that may be less than sensical depending on how Continue reading
Google Fit Wear OS update comes just in time for the holidays (2020-11-25) The holiday season is upon us a season that is usually associated with rest relaxation and more often than not stuffing ourselves beyond capacity While self-care is definitely important part of that involves also taking care of physical fitness Knowing that many health-conscious people will be fussing and fretting over their calories over the next few weeks Google has started Continue reading
Libra cryptocurrency renamed Diem to add distance from Facebook (2020-12-01) The Facebook-backed Libra cryptocurrency hasnt even launched yet but its already rebranding with its stablecoin product now set to debut as Diem The move which comes as the organization hires a number of high-profile execs is being seen as an attempt to draw further distinction between the crypto project and the ever-controversial Facebook Indeed the new Diem Association Continue reading
Bombshell CDC report reveals 1-in-3 early COVID-19 tests failed (2020-11-06) Not only delayed the first COVID-19 tests from the US CDC had a huge failure rate a new report claims with leaked findings from within the agency suggesting that as many as 1-in-3 tests could fail The revelation comes as new coronavirus cases in the US exceeded 106000 a day across America with total deaths now numbering more than 233000 Continue reading
Ford considers building its own EV batteries (2020-11-15) Ford has been undergoing some changes in the last few months with CEO Jim Hackett retiring and being replaced by a new CEO with Jim Farley taking the position It wasnt very long ago that former CEO Hackett said that Ford wouldnt build its own batteries for electric vehicles Hackett had said in July that there was no advantage to Continue reading
Study finds eating too many eggs may pave the way for diabetes (2020-11-16) Many studies have evaluated the potential health benefits and consequences associated with eating eggs Though theres still debate surrounding the topic the general consensus is that eating the occasional egg is fine but eating too many may not be healthy The latest study on the topic underscores this warning that excessive egg consumption may increase diabetes risk The new study Continue reading
Fortnite leak teases return of Launch Pad, but will it be the same? (2020-11-21) For reasons weve never been told Epic removed the Launch Pad item from Fortnite with the arrival of season four and as youd expect fans were both surprised and very unhappy The Launch Pad has been in the game since the beginning making it possible for players to escape the Storm or tricky situations at the last minute Now Continue reading