December 6, 2020

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SpaceX to carry heart tissue fiber optics lab to space station

SpaceX to carry heart tissue fiber optics lab to space station

SpaceX plans to launch cargo to the International Space Station on Sunday morning, including simulated heart tissue for a medical experiment and the first privately owned airlock.

Date: 2020-12-05


International Space Station marks 20 years of humans on board (2020-10-30) The 20th anniversary Saturday of humans living aboard the International Space Station spotlights the global cooperation and scientific discoveries that benefit all people
NASA chooses 4 firms for first private lunar sample collection (2020-12-03) Four companies will collect moon rocks and dust on the lunar surface for NASA by 2023 in preparation for a human mission the following year the space agency announced Thursday
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Climate change thinning glaciers, increasing oxygen levels at Mount Everest (2020-11-20) Mount Everests glaciers are thinning its peaks are accumulating microplastics and the air surrounding the mountain hosts more oxygen than it used to have
Rocket Lab launches satellites, recovers booster in ‘Return to Sender’ mission (2020-11-20) California-based Rocket Lab successfully launched more than two dozen small satellites into space on Thursday night from New Zealand and became just the second company to land a first-stage booster for reuse
Astronauts prepare for most crowded space station in years (2020-11-09) Four astronauts who plan to head to the International Space Station on Saturday from Florida say they anticipate the expansion of science and other activities on the orbiting platform
Sentinel-6 satellite to help NASA track climate change’s effects on Earth’s oceans (2020-11-20) The Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite slated to be carried into space on Saturday will provide precise measurements of sea surface height waves and wind
Thin liquid films help COVID-19 survive on surfaces (2020-11-24) While most respiratory droplets evaporate in a matter of seconds experiments have shown COVID-19 can survive on a variety of surfaces for several hours and sometimes days
Back from the brink of extinction, blue whales return to South Georgia (2020-11-19) After being nearly completely wiped out by whalers new research suggests Antarctic blue whales have returned to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia