October 4, 2020

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US tells Qualcomm that it can ship non-5G chips to Huawei

US tells Qualcomm that it can ship non-5G chips to Huawei

While it doesn’t completely solve the problem that has receiving cutting-edge 5nm chipsets for its 5G phones and base stations for its 5G networks, that the U.S. government is allowing U.S. based Qualcomm to ship some components to the manufacturer. Announced in May and starting this past September, foundries using American technology to manufacturer chips need to obtain a license from the U.S.

Commerce Department in order to deliver them to Huawei. Qualcomm gets the green light from the U.S. to ship 4G chips to HuaweiThe rule change prevented …

Author: Alan Friedman

Date: 2020-11-16

URL: https://www.phonearena.com/news/qualcomm-can-supply-some-non-5g-chips-to-huawei_id128434


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