October 17, 2020

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The Morning After: Black Friday deals on TVs SSDs and more

The Morning After: Black Friday deals on TVs SSDs and more

While many of us are on our Thanksgiving break, Engadget’s commerce editor Valentina Palladino and the rest of the team are focused on the days immediately following. We’ll have ongoing updates about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals you might be interested in, including some of the best 4K TV offers available right now, discounts on Amazon’s Fire HD tablets and Kindle readers, plus an all-time

low price for Apple’s AirPods Pro. If you’re looking for a PS5 or Xbox Series X then our existing advice still stands, despite the long odds you may face among bots and limited supplies. Keep an eye on the @EngadgetDeals Twitter account for the latest updates on all of our deals posts this weekend.– Richard LawlerAmazon Web Services outage subsides after unplugging services for hoursA problem in the US-EAST-1 Region affected services for Amazon and companies that use its cloud. Just in time for the holiday break, Amazon’s cloud server setup reminded us how many devices and services rely on it by going down for several hours on Wednesday. As of 7 AM ET, an AWS status page reported the troublesome API is fully functioning again, while affected companies like Roku, Flickr and Anchor are back up and running. We don’t know exactly what caused the problem yet, but it’s always fun when a server outage keeps your doorbell from working. Continue reading.Comcast’s TV and internet prices are going up in 2021Just when we all need the internet more than ever.After Comcast revealed its 1.2TB data caps will roll out nationwide, it’s doubling down on the pain by increasing prices for certain fees and packages. The exact changes may vary depending on where you are, but as Ars Technica pointed out, the changes shown add up to a $78 annual hike for fees that aren’t even part of the cable company’s advertised rates. Continue reading.The best microSD card, SSD and other storage deals we found for Black FridayEverything from Samsung’s T7 Touch to LaCie’s ruggedized hard drives. Whether you need an SSD to speed up your PC performance or a storage card to save more games on a Nintendo Switch, there are a bunch of good Black Friday storage deals available. We’ve put them all in one place so you don’t even have to search for them. Continue reading.‘Star Wars Squadrons’ and ‘AC Valhalla’ get ‘performance mode’ toggles in updatesHigh frame rate or high resolution? You choose. Even on next-gen consoles, gamers can’t always get the maximum quality graphics at the highest possible framerates, so developers are frequently choosing to compromise with a “performance mode” vs. “quality mode” toggle. Spider-Man: Miles Morales offered a choice between 30 FPS with ray tracing and smooth 60 FPS gameplay without, while Dirt 5 and Call of Duty have high framerate options.Now, new updates are bringing the choice to other games. An update rolling out at around 7 AM ET for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla lets gamers on PS5 and Xbox Series X choose between a 30 FPS mode that tries to maintain the highest level of resolution and graphical effects, or a 60 FPS performance mode that will drop the resolution and other effects on the fly to try and make things smoother. The patch is also supposed to increase performance overall on Xbox systems, which had shown some weaknesses in evaluations like this one from Digital Foundry.Meanwhile, a patch for Star Wars Squadrons is already live. While it brings some enhanced lighting and effects to the PS5, on Xbox Series X it enables 4K resolution and the option for a 120 FPS mode. One more thing to think about when you’re making your choices for a console upgrade. Continue reading. But wait, there’s more…A ransomware attack has shut down Baltimore County public schoolsAn enhanced version of ‘Metro Exodus’ is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/SNintendo will wind down ‘Super Mario Maker’ for Wii U on March 31stSoftware update for Fujifilm’s GFX100 turns it into a 400MP cameraTikTok’s deadline for a sale has moved to December 4thThe Cuphead DLC is delayed yet again by the COVID pandemic

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Lenovo’s Google-powered Smart Clocks hit all-time low prices for Black Friday (2020-11-22) You might have an easier time deciding on a Google Assistant smart display this Black Friday Lenovos Smart Clock is on sale now at Best Buy for $35 an all-time low and less than half its original $80 asking price You can get it for the same price at Walmart And if you dont need a touchscreen the Smart Clock Essential is on sale for $25 half its usual price at Best Buy and WalmartBuy Smart Clock on..
Beats unveils a glow-in-the-dark version of its sporty Powerbeats earbuds (2020-11-17) From time to time audio companies collaborate with other brands on limited-edition headphones speakers and gear Master Dynamic for example is perhaps the most prolific at this but others do it too Today Beats revealed a collab with Tokyo based fashion brand Ambush in the form of a glow-in-the-dark version of its Powerbeats wireless earbudsI live in the middle of Shibuya and I am always inspired by..
Radeon RX 6800 and 6800 XT review: AMD returns to high-end PC gaming (2020-11-18) After years of focusing on mid-range video cards AMD is making another play for powerhouse hardware with its new Radeon RX 6000 line Last years Radeon VII was a notable attempt to stay relevant in the high end market but it never made much sense for gamers since it was slower than NVIDIAs RTX 2080 The VII was followed up by AMDs mid-range RX 5000 series which was more competitive but topped out at..
Elvie discounts its smart breast pumps by 15 percent for Black Friday (2020-11-24) In addition to smart baby-monitoring wearables new parents have the chance to save money on another new type of tech – smart breast pumps Elvie is currently offering 15 percent off its pumps on Amazon for Black Friday Both the single-pump set and the dual pump are discounted bringing them down to $237 and $424 respectively Most of the pump accessories like storage bottles and breast shields are a..
IKEA’s smart home system now supports scenes (2020-11-27) IKEA is filling an important feature gap in its smart home system The Verge reports that IKEA is adding scene support to Home Smart through a firmware update 11231 for its Tradfri gateways making it easy to control multiple devices at once without having to rely on other companies platforms You can quickly dim the lights and silence your Symfonisk speakers when youre getting ready for bed for inst..
Apple’s French and UK stores switch to Express pickups as lockdowns begin (2020-11-05) With lockdowns starting today in the UK and last week in France Apple Stores in those countries are switching gears Starting tomorrow November 6th in the UK Apple will switch stores over to Storefront service offering click-and-collect pickup only and no Genius bar or shopping via 9to5Mac Before you can pick up any orders youll need to reserve a time slot and have received a confirmation emailAppl..
AT&T offers cheap wireless data to teachers and students stuck at home (2020-11-12) Remote schooling is going to be a fixture of daily life for many people as long as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on and ATT is acknowledging that reality beyond lifting data caps Its offering free wireless data service including free hotspots to teachers at K-12 schools colleges and universities helping their distance learning plans However theres a catch: teachers will only get one line of free ser..
Hackers tricked GoDaddy into helping attacks on cryptocurrency services (2020-11-21) GoDaddys 2020 security woes arent over KrebsOnSecurity has found that hackers tricked GoDaddy employees into handing ownership or control of multiple cryptocurrency services web domains inadvertently aiding attacks that brought sites down Its not certain how many companies fell victim to the effort but Liquidcom and NiceHash reported problems within days of each other Bibox Celsius and Wirex might..
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