October 11, 2020

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Prolonged AWS outage has taken down a big chunk of the internet

Prolonged AWS outage has taken down a big chunk of the internet

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s internet infrastructure service that is the backbone of many websites and apps, is experiencing a major outage affecting a large portion of the internet. “Kinesis has been experiencing increased error rates this morning in our US-East-1 Region that’s impacted some other AWS services,” Amazon said in a statement to

The Verge. “We are working toward resolution.” And, ironically, in a notice on the AWS Service Health Dashboard, Amazon said the issue has apparently “affected our ability to post updates” to that dashboard. “We continue to work towards recovery of the issue affecting the Kinesis Data Streams API in the US-EAST-1 Region,” Amazon said in a 1:47PM ET update posted to the dashboard. “For Kinesis Data Streams, the issue is affecting the subsystem that is responsible for handling incoming requests. The team has identified the root cause and is working on resolving the issue affecting this subsystem.” It seems the issue is fairly widespread, as a number of apps and services have posted on Twitter about how the AWS outage is affecting them, including Roku, Flickr, Adobe Spark, Spotify-owned Anchor, Glassdoor, Getaround, and iRobot. The Philadelphia Inquirer, Tampa Bay Times, and Capital Gazette have also said that they are having issues with publishing stories due to the outage.

We are working to resolve this quickly. We are impacted by the widespread AWS outage and hope to get our customers up and running soon. Most streaming should work as expected during this time.— Roku Support (@RokuSupport) November 25, 2020

We’re actively working on a resolution to this issue (due to an AWS outage) and appreciate your patience. We are not affiliated with Turo, though.— Getaround (@Getaround) November 25, 2020

[status] Identified: Members are receiving an “Oops, something went wrong” error when trying to log in or create an account due to a current AWS outage. We are monitoring the situation and will continue to share information here as it… https://t.co/drGhoVfYMv— Flickr Help (@FlickrHelp) November 25, 2020

An Amazon AWS outage is currently impacting Adobe Spark so you may be having issues accessing/editing your projects. We are actively working with AWS and will report when the issue has subsided. https://t.co/uoHPf44HjL for current Spark status. We apologize for any inconvenience!— Adobe Spark (@AdobeSpark) November 25, 2020

Hi there, yes Anchor is currently down due to a temporary AWS service outage. We are sorry for any inconvenience this is causing. Please know we are working on getting the website back up and running as soon as possible. We will make an announcement as soon as this is fixed.— Anchor (@anchor) November 25, 2020

An Amazon AWS outage is currently impacting our iRobot Home App. Please know that our team is aware and monitoring the situation and hope to get the App back online soon. Thank you for your understanding and patience.— iRobot (@iRobot) November 25, 2020

Hi there, we’re impacted by the widespread AWS outage. We’re working to resolve this as quickly as possible and hope to be back up and running soon. Thank you for your patience! -April— Glassdoor (@Glassdoor) November 25, 2020

@RSS is one of the companies affected by the AWS system outage. Login and uploads not processing. Delivery and distribution of all episodes are unaffected. Public podcast pages are also available. New uploads will resume as soon as the issue is resolved.— RSS Podcasting (@rss) November 25, 2020

Hello. We are currently unable to remove the A line service alert from our website and app because of the widespread Amazon AWS outage. A trains are no longer running local in Brooklyn. We will continue to post updates here as we have them.— NYCT Subway. Wear a Mask. (@NYCTSubway) November 25, 2020

Unfortunately so. Our payment processor (Paddle) is currently experiencing issues (due to AWS, apparently). Hopefully we’ll be back online shortly.— Rogue Amoeba (@RogueAmoeba) November 25, 2020

Downdetector.com is also showing spikes in user reports of problems with many Amazon services. AWS is one of the most widely-used cloud computing services in the world, so any issues can have major ripple effects for other web services and apps. An outage in 2017 affected companies like Trello, Quora, and IFTTT, for example. Developing… Update November 25th, 2:08PM ET: Updated headline to reflect that the outage has been prolonged.

Author: Jay Peters

Date: 2020-11-25

URL: https://www.theverge.com/2020/11/25/21719396/amazon-web-services-aws-outage-down-internet


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