December 6, 2020

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Rivet Logic Corporation helps to support the launch of Professional

Rivet Logic Corporation helps to support the launch of Professional

Rivet Logic Corporation, A VariQ Company, We Build Riveting Digital Experiences, announced today that it is participating in the launch of Professional Services in AWS Marketplace.(PRWeb December 06, 2020)Read the full story at

Date: 2020-12-06


Veracity Industrial Networks Appoints Greg Akers Chief Technology… (2020-11-20) Cisco Veteran Tapped to Drive Further Client Success of Operational Technology Cybersecurity PlatformPRWeb November 20 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/veracity_industrial_networks_appoints_greg_akers_chief_technology_officer/prweb17563578htm
Titan Angel Investor and Serial Entrepreneur Steve MacDonald Earns… (2020-11-13) Award honors member of community providing overwhelming community dedication and leadership within their rolePRWeb November 13 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/titan_angel_investor_and_serial_entrepreneur_steve_macdonald_earns_prestigious_community_dedication_and_leadership_award_in_17th_annual_tampa_bay_tech_awards/prweb17537724htm
GaNFast Chargers Enable Apple iPhone 12 High-Speed Charging… (2020-11-17) Up to 3x faster charging in half the size and weight for all devices from AirPods to the 16 MacBook ProPRWeb November 17 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/ganfast_chargers_enable_apple_iphone_12_high_speed_charging_compatibility/prweb17545112htm
Pathomation announces the availability of PMA.slidebox, a… (2020-11-10) PMAslidebox is a solution for educators in histology pathology and cytology alike The software is powerful reliable and offers an easy to use instrument to publish digitized microscopic slides onPRWeb November 10 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/pathomation_announces_the_availability_of_pma_slidebox_a_first_of_a_kind_solution_to_publish_your_digital_pathology_images_and_whol.. Builds Momentum with Robin Cloud Native Storage for… (2020-11-22) Robinio hits its stride with growing adoption of Robin Cloud Native Storage for Kubernetes as it achieves production deployments partnerships product enhancements and analyst recognitionsPRWeb November 22 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/robin_io_builds_momentum_with_robin_cloud_native_storage_for_kubernetes/prweb17564810htm Builds Momentum with Robin Cloud Native Storage for…
NexLogic Technologies, Inc. Adds a New 3,000 Square Foot Clean Room to… (2020-12-04) New addition meets medical OEM demands to go beyond prototype quantities and provide pilot runs medium quantities and medium-to-high scale quantities to avoid offshore production and keep their IPPRWeb December 04 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/nexlogic_technologies_inc_adds_a_new_3_000_square_foot_clean_room_to_its_pcb_smt_and_microelectronics_assembly_and_manufacturing/p..
Colourlab Ai Emerges to Revolutionize Post Production (2020-11-24) The future of color grading has arrived with the industrys first AI-powered application to dramatically improve the filmmaking process Colourlab Ai by Color Intelligence is herePRWeb November 24 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/colourlab_ai_emerges_to_revolutionize_post_production/prweb17566338htm
Inference Analytics Neural-network (IANN) Auto-Impression Assistant… (2020-12-02) Company Launches Beta Program for RadiologistsPRWeb December 02 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/inference_analytics_neural_network_iann_auto_impression_assistant_now_available_on_the_nuance_ai_marketplace/prweb17580464htm
TrustyIP receives Gold Special Award from the 4th World Invention… (2020-11-11) TrustyIP has received the Gold Special Award in the 4th World Invention Academic Conference WIAC 2020 by the WIAC organizing committee and Korea Invention News KINEWS the leading internationalPRWeb November 11 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/trustyip_receives_gold_special_award_from_the_4th_world_invention_academic_conference_wiac_2020/prweb17534257htm
Waveband Communications rolls out its newly improved two-way radio… (2020-11-20) State of the technology that keeps your two-way radio poweredPRWeb November 20 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/waveband_communications_rolls_out_its_newly_improved_two_way_radio_chargers/prweb17556481htm