December 5, 2020

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Getting grounded in AWS cloud skills

Getting grounded in AWS cloud skills

With more and more data-center workloads being shifted to the cloud, it’s important for enterprise IT staff to learn cloud skills not only to stay relevant within their organizations but also to prepare for career advancement and better salaries.One way to accomplish this is to learn the ins and outs of working in specific cloud providers’ environments. This is a brief description of how to get gr

ounded in AWS.According to training firm Global Knowledge, the pay associated with two of the dozens of AWS certifications ranks among the top 15 IT certifications—AWS Certified Solutions Architect—Associate ($149,446) and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner ($131,465).To read this article in full, please click here

Author: Scott Hogg

Date: 2020-12-04


What to know about Azure Arc’s hybrid-cloud server management (2020-12-02) Azure Arc for servers a centralized management tool that provides visibility into Azure data services Kubernetes clusters and servers running Windows or Linux has been generally available since September helping fulfill Microsofts stated intent to support enterprise hybrid-cloud architecturesTo read this article in full please click hereInsider Story What to know about Azure Arc’s hybrid-cloud server management
Cisco gains container security with Banzai Cloud buy (2020-11-16) In its second cloud-native technology acquisition in as many months Cisco is buying container security firm Banzai Cloud for an undisclosed amountFounded in 2017 Banzai is known for developing Kubernetes-based cloud application development and security technologies It will become part of Ciscos Emerging Technologies and Incubation group where the company brews new projects for cloud-native network.. Cisco gains container security with Banzai Cloud buy
BrandPost: The Impact of Remote Work on Enterprise Security (2020-10-27) IT and security response to the coronavirus pandemic was heroic Although many organizations had some degree of remote-work capabilities pre-COVID-19 the past year brought this work to new levelsEnterprise security has had to quickly evolve alongside the shift to remote work and cloud adoption For example companies successfully ramped up VPN infrastructure shifted to online models of collaboration ..
With COVID-19 hanging on, migration to the cloud accelerates (2020-11-12) With the COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of abating migration to the cloud is expected to accelerate as enterprises choose to let someone else worry about their server gearIn its global IT outlook for 2021 and beyond IDC predicts the continued migration of enterprise IT equipment out of on-premises data centers and into data centers operated by cloud service providers such as AWS and Microsoft .. With COVID-19 hanging on, migration to the cloud accelerates
BrandPost: Achieving WAN Transformation with Security-Driven Networking (2020-11-16) The need to maximize user experience whether for employees or customers has been a driving force behind much of the digital transformation networks have undergone Things like business-critical applications data-driven manufacturing and supply chains immediate access to essential information and advanced productivity tools require uninterrupted access to information from any place using any device .. BrandPost: Achieving WAN Transformation with Security-Driven Networking
Nvidia shows off at Supercomputing 20 (2020-11-18) Nearly 70% of the 500 fastest supercomputers in the world as announced at the Supercomputing 20 conference this week are powered by Nvidia including eight of the top 10Among them was one named Selene that Nvidia built itself and that debuted at Number 5 on the semi-annual TOP500 list of the fastest machines With top-end systems requiring 10000 or more CPUs and GPUs they are enormously expensive so..
Giant space antenna designed to beam 5G to Earth (2020-11-18) Cambridge Consultants is working to deliver the largest airborne communications antenna available commerciallyThe technology consultancy and product-development firm which is part of Capgemini has built a functioning scaled-down version of a wireless antenna designed to beam connectivity from the sky The prototype announced this month is part of a four-year project with UK-based start-up Stratosph..
Tagging commands on Linux (2020-11-10) Tags provide an easy way to associate strings that look like hash tags eg #HOME with commands that you run on the command line Once a tag is established you can rerun the associated command without having to retype it Instead you simply type the tag The idea is to use tags that are easy to remember for commands that are complex or bothersome to retypeUnlike setting up an alias tags are associated ..
Cisco fortifies and simplifies its security portfolio with eye toward cloud, zero trust (2020-10-29) Simplifying security options for enterprise customers is a daunting task and it can be even harder in the current pandemic-driven workforce environment But Cisco is taking steps to both streamline and bolster its security menu according to news out of its virtual Partner Summit conferenceFor starters Cisco is eliminating50 product names and simplifying its offerings within the renamed Cisco Secure..
IBM, Red Hat, and AT&T team up for private edge deployments (2020-11-02) IBMs new Cloud Satellite offering will move the companys open hybrid-cloud framework into new and different environments thanks to partnerships with ATT for 5G connectivity and IBMs Red Hat unit for containerization 5G resources What is 5G? Fast wireless technology for enterprises and phones How 5G frequency affects range and speed Private 5G can solve some problems that Wi-Fi cant Private 5G keep.. IBM, Red Hat, and AT&T team up for private edge deployments