September 7, 2020

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Palo Alto Networks launches 5G-native security

Palo Alto Networks launches 5G-native security

The roll out of 5G will open up fast connections to millions of devices, bringing with it opportunities to transform industries and allowing for massive adoption of the IoT. But with this connectivity also comes extra risk. To address this Palo Alto Networks is launching the industry’s first 5G-native security offering combining mobile expertise with its experience in securing highly-distributed c

loud architectures and software-defined networks. “In 4G networks, the device-level attack surface was focused predominantly on a few device types, such as smartphones and LTE routers,” says Sree Koratala, vice president of product management, writing on the company’s blog. “With [Continue Reading]

Author: Ian Barker

Date: 2020-11-18


Silicon Power launches diminutive QP70 10000mAh Quick Charge USB power bank (2020-11-06) Literally nothing in life is worse than when your device runs out of juice and you are nowhere near an outlet OK maybe I am exaggerating – there definitely are worse things With that said it does stink when it happens It can feel like you are without oxygen when you are disconnected from the internet for instance Not to mention when it comes to smartphones a dead battery can prevent you from call..
Firefox 83 unveils improved page loading and responsiveness, HTTPS-only mode (2020-11-16) Mozilla has released Firefox 830 the latest version of its open-source cross-platform web browser A mere 28 days after the last major release and version 83 makes its bow Despite the short time between releases version 83 manages to pack in more performance improvements a new optional HTTPS-only mode support for pinch zoom on touchscreens and compatibility with new Apple Macs running the M1 chip F..
Google Plex reinvents banking for regular folks (2020-11-18) Banking is great for the bankers but not so much for their customers For many people dealing with a bank can be a nightmare – full of overdraft fees poor service and terrible location hours Quite frankly even the customers with huge balances arent making out too good these days as interest rates are almost non-existent And so Google is looking to reinvent banking with a focus on regular folks – ..
Dreaming of an insecure Christmas (2020-11-11) What do you want for Christmas? How about a coffee maker that can eavesdrop on your conversations or a fitness tracker that can analyze the tone of your voice? The fourth-annual Privacy Not Included holiday shopping guide from Mozilla aims to arm shoppers with the information they need to choose gifts that protect the privacy and security of their friends and family while spurring the tech industr..
Record web traffic and cyber threats set to disrupt holiday shopping (2020-11-20) A new threat intelligence report from Imperva Research Labs looks at the varying cybersecurity attack risks facing the retail industry The findings suggest peak levels of traffic will be seen throughout the holiday shopping season as large numbers of consumers turn to online channels to purchase goods Shortly after stay-at-home orders were issued web traffic to retail sites spiked by as much as 28..
You can make unlimited Zoom calls for free this Thanksgiving (2020-11-25) Like many things happening in 2020 Coronavirus means that Thanksgiving is going to be very different to previous years While friends and family would normally gather together COVID means that more of this years celebrations will be held remotely And with this in mind Zoom is here to help Over the Thanksgiving period the company is lifting its 40-minute limit on calls and will let everyone – all o..
AI-driven platform helps to remove bias in data (2020-11-11) As businesses become more reliant on data ensuring that its free of bias is essential to meeting compliance requirements as well as delivering useful insights A new AI-driven platform from Synthesized has been designed to understand a wide array of regulatory and legal definitions relating to contextual bias It can automatically identify bias across data attributes like gender age race religion se..
IT spending remains buoyant despite the pandemic (2020-11-12) In the face of restrictive lockdowns and stay-at-home orders IT budgets have held up remarkably well according to a new study as technology becomes a critical ingredient in launching new products and services The report from OpsRamp is based on responses from 230 IT operations and DevOps executives in the US and UK with at least 500 employees and $5 million in annual IT budgets In the second and t..
Businesses are relying more on data to make decisions (2020-11-16) According to a new survey of IT decision makers 73 percent rely on data more to make business decisions and 33 percent believe the value of data has permanently increased since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic The study from Druva surveyed 700 IT decision makers in the US and UK and underpins the importance of maximizing the value of data as businesses navigate an unprecedented global landsc..
Developers manage to run Windows 10 and Linux on M1 Macs (2020-12-03) The launch of Apples new range of Macs with its own M1 chips was met with excitement – and benchmarks showed great performance even from base models There was just one problem for some people: an inability to run Windows For anyone used to running Windows alongside macOS – and for that matter Linus Torvalds and his desire to run Linux on an M1 MacBook Air – theres good news A team of developers..