August 10, 2020

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Please tell us more about how just 60 hydrogen-powered 5G drones could make 400000 UK base stations redundant

Please tell us more about how just 60 hydrogen-powered 5G drones could make 400000 UK base stations redundant

Gartner’s finest – a former vulture – draws clouds over eyebrow-raising connectivity plan A company working with a hydrogen-powered 5G drone maker claims to have built an airborne 5G base station antenna “unlike anything ever seen before” – and that just 60 of them could replace Britain’s terrestrial 5G networks.…

Date: 2020-11-04


Heads up: A new strain of card-skimming Grelos malware is on the loose (2020-11-18) Magecart variant has changed and you should be alert warns RiskIQ A new offshoot of the Grelos card-skimming malware - a common Magecart variant - is doing the rounds according to infosec biz RiskIQ
Three rips up call centre outsourcing contract with Capita 2+ years early (2020-11-06) A sliver of functions coming back in house most being offshored to India and 380 UK roles put at risk of redundo by Capita Exclusive Well colour us shocked! Three UK is ending its business process outsourcing contract with Capita years ahead of the expiry date amid insider allegations of poor performance
VMware’s launched a blockchain that may be very good. The packaging it’s used is more important (2020-11-19) Gather round Blockheads so we can explain this thing called a virtual machine and why it matters Blockheads are about to get a new appreciation of private clouds and application packaging after VMware launched a Blockchain product
USA and Taiwan make semiconductors their top trade priority at first-ever ‘Economic Prosperity Dialogue’ (2020-11-23) Do you see what I TSMC? The USA and Taiwan have emerged from their first Economic Prosperity Partnership Dialogue with an agreement that co-operation around semiconductors is their top priority
San Francisco approves ‘CEO tax’, hopes to extract up to $140m a year from corps with wide exec-staff salary gap (2020-11-06) Plus or minus a load of caveats San Francisco will tax businesses slightly more if a chief executive earns orders of magnitude more than their rank-and-file employees after residents voted in favor of the rule
The day I took down the data centre- I mean, the day I saved the day. Right, boss? (2020-11-09) How many hundred thousand customers? Who Me? Welcome to a Who Me? story in which the moral might be: Be careful what you kick off before lunch if you want a mealtime free of phone calls
Alibaba trying to take China’s Singles Day shopping frenzy global to make Bezos Co look like sales small fry (2020-11-03) 1111 event should be four times bigger than Amazon Prime Day Chinese digital tat bazaar Alibaba is trying to take its multi-billion-dollar Singles Day online shopping frenzy global
Mysterious metal monolith found in ‘very remote’ part of Utah (2020-11-25) Authorities warn aliens to get a permit before they do this sort of thing Poll The Utah Department of Public Safety has found a mysterious metal monolith in a remote corner of the state
China ‘firmly opposes’ India’s new round of app bans, says it has violated trade laws (2020-11-26) Left last couple of bans alone but now says national security argument is bogus and calls for mutual co-operation China has responded to Indias new round of bans on mobile apps by attacking the reasons for the banishments
Solving a big, yellow IT problem: If it’s not wearing hi-vis, I don’t trust it (2020-11-13) Throw in a clipboard and you look like youre the business On Call Welcome to On Call the The Registers Friday celebration of those called out for the most spurious and silly of reasons