December 5, 2020

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Mako 4600 Network Appliances Debut With Leading-Edge Wi-Fi 6

Mako 4600 Network Appliances Debut With Leading-Edge Wi-Fi 6

Mako Networks’ new Mako 4600 appliance brings high-performance Wi-Fi 6 technology to the 4000-Series, designed to operate as either a high-end WAP or a cost-effective router/firewall for securing…(PRWeb December 04, 2020)Read the full story at

Date: 2020-12-04


Newport LLC Perspective on Emerging Growth Companies and Software… (2020-11-06) Newport LLC recommends that CTOs consider a DevOps platform approach to improve performance by providing developers with a fully integrated means to continuously develop and deploy codePRWeb November 06 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/newport_llc_perspective_on_emerging_growth_companies_and_software_development_productivity/prweb17527113htm
Gabriel Marketing Group Wins 15 2020 MarCom Awards for Excellence in… (2020-12-01) GMGs 8 Platinum 2020 MarCom Awards 7 Gold awards cap an unprecedented year of industry recognition for GMGs workPRWeb December 01 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/gabriel_marketing_group_wins_15_2020_marcom_awards_for_excellence_in_growth_marketing_digital_advertising_and_technology_public_relations/prweb17579903htm
Operation Smile Hosts Virtual Regan Resident Leadership Conference… (2020-11-18) Operation Smile is hosting its first Virtual Regan Resident Leadership Conference with the support of the Harbourton Foundation on Friday Nov 20 2020 Dr John G Meara is scheduled to deliver thePRWeb November 18 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/operation_smile_hosts_virtual_regan_resident_leadership_conference_with_dr_john_g_meara_as_keynote_speaker/prweb17553980htm
(Virtual) Travel Impact Challenge (2020-11-13) Seeking young leaders across the US and Canada to complete Your Big Years latest challenge Nominate someone today!PRWeb November 13 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/virtual_travel_impact_challenge/prweb17537466htm
Illuminated Gateway Arches Welcome Visitors to Downtown Las Vegas (2020-11-24) Conceived and designed by Selbert Perkins Design the 80-feet-tall illuminated Gateway Arches bring a new landmark to downtown Las VegasPRWeb November 24 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/illuminated_gateway_arches_welcome_visitors_to_downtown_las_vegas/prweb17565110htm
Employees use on average 15 biz apps a day—yet they’re feeling less… (2020-11-10) A majority of employees now performing their jobs from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic complain they feel increasingly disconnected from the pace and flow of the office despite employersPRWeb November 10 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/employees_use_on_average_15_biz_apps_a_day_yet_theyre_feeling_less_aligned_than_ever_with_company_goals_says_stratapp/prweb17470676htm
Rigaku Launches New Curved Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction Detector… (2020-11-19) The new HyPix-Arc 100 curved detector is based on direct X-ray detection technology with a higher 2 range compared to a flat detectorPRWeb November 19 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/rigaku_launches_new_curved_single_crystal_x_ray_diffraction_detector_with_smaller_form_factor/prweb17558749htm
CareerGig Presenting at Newchip Accelerator Online Demo Week (2020-11-17) CareerGig a SaaS-based marketplace that connect freelancers and contractors with companies will be presenting at investor-centric global online event that brings together over 100 startups toPRWeb November 17 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/careergig_presenting_at_newchip_accelerator_online_demo_week/prweb17549355htm
EMA Webinar to Present Actionable Guidance to Help Organizations… (2020-12-01) Webinar will provide a deep dive into the real challenges security professionals are facing in light of the pandemic and how to overcome themPRWeb December 01 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/ema_webinar_to_present_actionable_guidance_to_help_organizations_prioritize_security_projects_for_2021/prweb17579147htm
Wavicle Data Solutions Expands Senior Leadership Team with New Hires… (2020-11-04) Wavicle advances position as a leading data analytics firm with key Director and Vice President talent acquisitionsPRWeb November 04 2020Read the full story at https://wwwprwebcom/releases/wavicle_data_solutions_expands_senior_leadership_team_with_new_hires_in_data_science_data_visualization_sales_and_marketing/prweb17521520htm