August 26, 2020

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Log-On Wave for IBM Z simplifies highly virtualized environments

Log-On Wave for IBM Z simplifies highly virtualized environments

IBM business partner Log-On Software has announced Log-On Wave for IBM Z to simplify and accelerate the management and daily administration of highly virtualized Linux server environments on IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE. “IBM Z and IBM LinuxOne are powerful, reliable and economical platforms for highly virtualized Linux environments. Significant z/VM skills are required to monitor, manage, and provision

Linux instances and resources,” said Log-On. SEE MORE How desktop virtualization can save money SEE MORE Dell looking to optimize servers for virtualization SEE MORE What is IBM Z? SEE MORE How desktop virtualization can increase reliability “There is a need for solutions to simplify the operation of these virtualized environments. Log-On Wave for IBM Z (Wave) is such a solution.” The company claims Log-On Wave for IBM Z can improve productivity by simplifying administration, configuration and management. It also promises to hide much of the complexity and instead offer an easy to use UI for managing virtualised environments, catering for less experienced admins. IT organizations and service providers can manage workloads across all centralized processing centers (CPCs) and logical partitions (LPARs) from a single dashboard on Wave, quickly and easily clone Linux guests on z/VM, perform live guest relocation and more, the company said. Log-On Software’s new Wave solution also complements existing Log-On solutions for IBM Z, which include QuickSelect for Db2, a plug-and-play performance accelerator for database 2 (Db2) workloads; VTFM-NewGen, a software-only virtual tape system that leverages the organization’s investment in direct access storage devices; and Total Utility Control, a powerful Db2 utility automation solution that intelligently generates the right utility jobs, at the right time and for the right objects. “We are pleased to enter this space and to offer Log-On Wave for IBM Z to our customers. We look forward to bringing new capabilities and value to the user community,” said Danny Zeitouny, managing director & VP of products at Log-On. “Log-On Wave for IBM Z continues our long tradition of delivering outstanding solutions to IBM Z users.” Log-On Software plans to release Wave for IBM Z on January 2, 2021.

Date: 2020-11-16


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