August 15, 2020

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Led by its nationwide 5G service T-Mobile now has over 100 million subscribers

Led by its nationwide 5G service T-Mobile now has over 100 million subscribers

The nation’s second largest carrier, , released today after the close of regular New York Stock Exchange trading. As usual, our eyes first searched for postpaid phone additions which is the “gold standard” for carriers. From July through September, T-Mobile reported an industry best 689,000 net postpaid phone additions. That is the 27th consecutive quarter that the company led its national rivals

in this metric. Postpaid phone churn was .90% At the same time, it had 56,000 prepaid net additions with prepaid churn at 2.56% T-Mobile leads the U.S. industry once again in postpaid …

Author: Alan Friedman

Date: 2020-11-05


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