June 17, 2020

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Hello from Tailscale

Hello from Tailscale

This message was emailed to all our newsletter subscribers.Subscribe to our newsletter here.We have some catching up to do. Tailscale opened our waitlist for signups in April 2019, almost a year ago, but we havent shared much news! Its time to rectify that. Over the past 11 months weve grown the team and narrowed our focus to just one core product: a company-wide mesh overlay network based on the

WireGuard® VPN. What that actually means: Tailscale connects all your devices, servers, routers, and locations together into a single, encrypted, virtual network, authenticated using your existing 2-factor auth system (like GSuite, Office365, or Okta), and with no need for special router hardware or infrastructure. Its a bit like a VPN, but without the key management or server, and with the ability to connect to multiple locations at once. Or like software-defined networking (SD-WAN), but including even your employees personal devices like Windows, macOS, and iOS. Or like Zero Trust Networks and BeyondCorp, but at the IP layer instead of only HTTP, so it works even with legacy and real-time apps. Or like a firewall, but without a physical firewall appliance. And its so easy that you can install it for personal use in 5 minutes or less. Anyway, you can find the latest information at the new tailscale.com, including pricing information and our Linux (and BSD), Windows, macOS, and iOS apps. We also have an Android app in the works. Open source release As of the beginning of March, the Tailscale command line client is available as open source on Github. Were working closely with the maintainers of WireGuard-Go to ensure our new features and bug fixes make it upstream. Tailscale Blog Plus! Just now, we launched our Tailscale blog (the very blog youre reading this on!) to collect various opinions and updates from our whole team. If youre old school like us, you can subscribe to it using RSS (try a reader like Inoreader or Feedly). You can also get updates on our Twitter, or via our newsletter. Some of our posts you mightve missed:

David Crawshaws Remembering the LAN and The asymmetry of internet identity Brads Simplifying networking, authentication, and authorization Averys Grumpy opinions about remote work video conferencing … and lots more :)

One last request: were collecting Tailscale case studies, interesting use cases and project summaries. If you have anything to share, please send it to us at info@tailscale.com. Thanks for following along. And we have more updates to share with you all soon — a lot sooner than 11 months.

Date: 2020-03-18

URL: https://tailscale.com/blog/hello-from-tailscale/


How NAT traversal works (2020-08-21) Markdown p > code border: none; -webkit-font-smoothing: subpixel-antialiased; -moz-osx-font-smoothing: auto; We covered a lot of ground in our post about How Tailscale Works However we glossed over how we can get through NATs Network Address Translators and connect your devices directly to each other no matter whats standing between them Lets talk about that now! Lets start with a simple problem..
The Log Blog (2020-09-14) Did you know that our CEO apenwarr is something of a B-list Internet celebrity? Part of his claim to fame is a pithy-but-informational blog which contains a pithy-but-informational post detailing exactly how to handle and parse a distributed logging system correctly Tailscales logging infrastructure follows this system in broad strokes In apenwarrs design many embedded Linux devices buffer logs lo..
Several grumpy opinions about remote work & videoconferencing (2020-03-09) This post was originally published on apenwarrcaAs a fully remote work company we had to make some choices about the technologies we use to work together and stay in touch We decided early on about the time we realized all three cofounders live in different cities that we were going to go all-in on remote work at least for engineering which for now is almost all our work As several people have poi..
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Tailscale has reached general availability (2020-04-02) Just over a year ago we founded Tailscale with a common sense of nostalgia for the good old days of LANs In our collective opinion then and now networking and cloud infrastructure has become too complicated Attempts to increase team connectivity and migrate towards remote work results in a corresponding burden of security This reduces productivity Systems and approaches dont scale without signific.. Tailscale has reached general availability
Tailscale v0.98 (2020-05-05) Were happy to announce a new version of Tailscale This minor release fixes various connectivity issues and squashes some annoying platform-specific bugs Thanks to everyone who wrote in to report these issues! A few highlights from the complete changelog on Github: We now prefer IPv6 over IPv4 when sending encrypted packets between nodes Note: this does not yet make IPv6 available inside the Tailsc..
Meet Wendi, Zijie, and Dmytro (2020-05-29) At the beginning of May we welcomed our first ever batch of interns to the Tailscale team! Theyve all been hard at work the past few weeks and we want to formally introduce them Joining us from the University of Waterloo are Zijie Wendi and Dmytro: Zijie Lu @lzjluzijie is a Mathematics student at Waterloo Originally from Beijing Zijie has experience writing Go React and Vue and is most known for h..
May Tailscale newsletter (2020-05-12) This is a re-publishing of our monthly newsletter sent to subscribers earlier this month Sign up to receive future email newslettersA month ago we announced Tailscales general availability Since then weve been hard at work improving Tailscale Today were writing with some updates We recently released a new minor version of our client apps This new version fixes various connectivity issues and squas.. May Tailscale newsletter
Tailscale v1.2 is here (2020-11-16) The team has been hard at work making Tailscale more Tailscale-y Today were announcing v12 is stable and ready for teams and hobbyists alike Most notably this release includes Magic DNS for everyone and major improvements for our Windows client How to update: Linux: update instructions apt update install etc Windows: update instructions macOS: update via the Mac App Store* iOS: update via the App ..
Remembering the LAN (2020-01-28) This post was originally published on crawshawioA memory and a dream How it was I started programming in the 1990s living above my parents medical practice We had 15 PCs for the business and one for me The standard OS was MS-DOS The network started off using IPX over coax to a Novell Netware server the fanciest software we ever owned IPX was so much easier than TCP/IP No DHCP and address allocatio..