July 24, 2020

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Efficiency of oil and gas industry targeted by University of Alberta program

Efficiency of oil and gas industry targeted by University of Alberta program

            Leading-edge research at the University of Alberta's Faculty of Engineering aims to improv

e oil sector industrial productivity while also diversifying the economy, say officials. A new $2.8-million industrial research chair program at the faculty aims to help the oil and gas industry operate more efficiently by developing intelligent wireless sensors and antennas while expanding province’s information technology industry. Present-day technology only allows for a certain percentage of oil or gas to be brought to the surface but mechanical engineering professor Pedram Mousavi and his team are developing intelligent wireless devices connecting multiple sensors that could make resource operations much more cost effective. Data gathered by these systems could improve productivity by informing off-site experts about an oil well’s operation and the quality of oil it is pumping from the ground. Those off-site analysts would then be able to respond to the information and make real-time decisions about how the well should be operating. Working in some of Canada’s top research facilities, the team is also developing an ultra-wideband radar system to monitor oil in transit on rail cars or in tankers hauled by trucks or being stored in tanks. The team is also building antennae and front-end circuits for an emerging 5G network, working on ways to wirelessly power remote sensors, and developing a new type of 3-D printer capable of manufacturing electronic devices, sensors and antennas in one integrated process. The program is funded in equal parts by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Alberta Innovates Technology Futures and industry partners, with support from the University of Alberta.


Date: 2015-02-10

URL: https://edmontonsun.com/2015/02/10/efficiency-of-oil-and-gas-industry-targeted-by-university-of-alberta-program


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