July 17, 2020

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Anti-hacking based on the circular polarization direction of light

Anti-hacking based on the circular polarization direction of light

The Internet of Things (IoT) allowing smart phones, home appliances, drones and self-driving vehicles to exchange digital information in real time requires a powerful security solution, as it can have a direct impact on user safety and assets. A solution for IoT security that has been is a physical unclonable function (PUF) that can supplement software-based key security vulnerable to various atta

ck or physical attack.

Date: 2020-11-06

URL: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-11/nrco-abo110120.php


The ultimate conditions to get the most out of high-nickel batteries (2020-11-18) It is common knowledge in battery manufacturing that many cathode materials are moisture sensitive However as the popularity of high nickel-based battery components increases researchers from WMG University of Warwick have found that the drier the conditions that these cathodes are stored and processed in then significant improvement in performance of the battery is gained
Swedish, Finnish and Russian wolves closely related (2020-11-10) The Scandinavian wolf originally came from Finland and Russia and unlike many other European wolf populations its genetic constitution is virtually free from dog admixture In addition individuals have migrated into and out of Scandinavia These findings have emerged from new research at Uppsala University in which genetic material from more than 200 wolves was analysed The study is published in the..
Pre-existing coronavirus antibodies could help protect children against new pandemic strain (2020-11-06) Researchers at the Francis Crick Institute and University College London have found that some antibodies created by the immune system during infection with common cold coronaviruses can also target SARS-CoV-2 and may confer a degree of protection against the new viral strain
A French team has improved the measurement of a fundamental physical constant (2020-12-02) A team of French researchers has just conducted the most accurate measurement to date of the fine-structure constant which characterizes the strength of interaction between light and charged elementary particles such as electrons This value has just been determined with an accuracy of 11 significant digits; improving the precision of the previous measurement by a factor of 3
Pre-treating progenitor cells with protein-activator slows progression of atherosclerosis (2020-11-24) A new treatment for atherosclerosis commonly known as hardening of the arteries may be on the horizon according to a study released in STEM CELLS Translational Medicine SCTM
Exploring blended materials along compositional gradients (2020-11-24) A new platform could accelerate the development of blended materials with desired properties
What makes certain groups more vulnerable to COVID-19? (2020-12-03) What makes the elderly and people with underlying conditions more vulnerable to COVID-19? According to a new study led by McGill University researchers clues can be found in the proteins involved in initiating infection as the virus binds to host cells of different animals Greater cellular oxidation with aging and sickness may explain why seniors and people with chronic illness get infected more o..
A cost-effective program to fight COVID-19 in resource-challenged countries (2020-11-13) A public health strategy that combines contact tracing and community-based screening with isolation and quarantine centers can substantially reduce infections hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 while being cost-effective in low-and-middle-income countries like South Africa a study by Massachusetts General Hospital has found
Research confirms crucial monitoring assessment is effective for patients with COVID-19 (2020-12-04) A combined research team from the Universities of Portsmouth and Bournemouth and Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust has shown that an assessment score used to measure a patients severity of illness can be applied to patients with Covid-19 without modification
In the lab, St. Jude scientists identify possible COVID-19 treatment (2020-11-18) Immunologists have determined the process driving life-threatening inflammation lung damage and organ failure in patients with COVID-19 sepsis and other inflammatory disorders suggesting possible treatment using existing drugs